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Hello there...

My name is Win, I’m an independent designer based in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Living in Scotland’s textile heartland and fascinated by the way in which tartan has evolved to represent a whole nation, I create tartan themed cards and gifts
designed to celebrate all that Scotland has to offer -  from golf to whisky and (almost) everything in between.

Working in my own distinctive style, I take inspiration from everyday life as well as from iconic Scottish pursuits. My aim is to make people smile with playful imagery that stands out from the crowd.

With designs for all occasions, my range of bold and colourful greetings cards combine lots of lovely tartans with a sprinkling of the wonderful words, unique expressions and gentle humour we Scots are famous for.

My tartanised images now feature on other useful items such as fridge magnets, note cards, tea towels and mugs - with more to follow...

Thanks for popping in!

Win x

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