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Inspired by a love of tartan and its inherent Scottishness, our collection of contemporary and colourful designs pay tribute to the way in which Scotland’s wonderfully diverse array of tartans have become interwoven in our everyday lives.

With designs for all occasions, our range of greetings cards combine lots of lovely tartans with a sprinkling of the wonderful words and gentle humour the Scots are famous for.

Our tartan themed designs now feature on other useful items such as fridge magnets, note cards, tea towels, coasters and mugs - with more to follow...

Please come away in and have a browse!

Father's Day Cards and Wee Gifts


Send a wee message...

Our postcard sized message cards are perfect for sending a wee message to a pal, neighbour or family member. Send one on its own or pop one in with a wee gift to say thanks, well done, chin up – whatever the sentiment, they are a joy to send and a pleasure to receive! Blank on the reverse for those who like a good long blether...

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